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Comfort Matters is a dementia care education and research program dedicated to improving the quality of care and life for people with dementia.

About Comfort Matters

Award-winning* dementia care education and research

Comfort Matters got its start in 2005, when Beatitudes Campus, a Life Plan Community, partnered with Hospice of the Valley, and received funding from BHHS Legacy Foundation. These funds enabled campus health care staff to teach best practices in dementia care to staff in valley health care organizations. The program focused on comfort to improve quality of care and quality of life for persons with dementia.

Originally Comfort Matters was called Palliative Care for Advanced Dementia: A Model Teaching Program (PCAD). As is true of any palliative care model, its goal was to make people comfortable by relieving the symptoms, pain and stresses of illness. Although palliative care is often associated with end-of-life, Comfort Matters promotes living better with dementia by focusing on the person’s day-to-day comfort. By addressing the significant challenges common to advanced stages of dementia, Comfort Matters education and research improves practices across the spectrum of early to advanced stages.

Comfort Matters education is for all staff who provide care for people with dementia. This includes dietary professionals, housekeeping-laundry-maintenance staff, activity specialists-recreational therapists, social workers, certified nursing assistants, licensed nurses, directors of nursing, managers-directors, spiritual care providers, and administrators. [In the near future, medical care providers (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners) as well as occupational and physical therapists are expected to have courses designed especially for them.] Hundreds of interdisciplinary teams from long-term care-, assisted living-, and dementia care organizations, have completed and are now implementing Comfort Matters Dementia Care Education at their organizations.

*Beatitudes Campus’ Palliative Care for Advanced Dementia: A Model Teaching Program (PCAD) received the 2013 Public Trust Award from LeadingAge (formerly, American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, AAHSA).


Whether it’s allowing a resident to sleep until noon or giving him his favorite brand of frozen pizza at midnight, no longer are nursing home staffs wed to rigid schedules and arbitrary rules. The comfort of the person comes first. These seemingly small changes are having an enormous effect on the quality of life for elders with dementia, as well as for the staff.

Jed Levine - Executive VP, Director of Programs & Services, CaringKind in NY

Comfort Matters makes a fundamental difference in how we care for people with dementia and provide support for their loved ones. Rather than relying on ‘managing negative behavior,’ often through the use of psychoactive medication, we are learning to better understand what our residents are trying to tell us. And it works.

President & CEO - New York City, NY

Comfort Matters is an amazing program that helps our residents and the staff too.  I look at dementia care completely differently now.

Registered Nurse - New York City, NY

What a difference Comfort Matters makes for people with dementia. Now I have the tools to make comfort the goal for the people I serve.

Social Worker - Phoenix, AZ

I had considered changing professions all together but now that I know what makes people with dementia comfortable I can’t be dragged away from my job.

Certified Caregiver - Phoenix, AZ

The Comfort Matters experience was one the best in my entire career and a great opportunity to learn what people with dementia really need.

Physician - Phoenix, AZ

It’s made a huge difference in our care center to focus on what makes the residents feel most comfortable – rather than what we want.”


The courses taught me how important it really is to know the people with dementia.


Thank you for giving me tools for a new way of thinking about caring for residents at my facility.


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