Dementia Care Education & Consulting from Beatitudes Campus

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Comfort Matters is a dementia care education and research program dedicated to improving the quality of care and life for people with dementia.

Course Instruction

Health care staff and medical care providers study Comfort Matters courses through live instruction by experienced health care instructors, web-based instruction by these same instructors or a combination of the two. A specially designed booklet that contains a content outline, print resource materials, and self-checking exercises guides instruction  in each course. The same booklets are used in both live and web-based instruction.

Whenever instruction is live, the instructor presents information and engages staff in discussions using these materials. If instruction is web-based, staff-medical care providers participate in webinars or power point presentations accompanied by spoken information and videos. Webinar instructors direct participants to specific pages in the booklets to see important points.

Health care personnel use the booklets also for note-taking and for information about evaluation of their progress in meeting course objectives. Each course booklet features a section For Additional Information that provides annotated references that can add to their knowledge and understanding.