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Comfort Matters is a dementia care education and research program dedicated to improving the quality of care and life for people with dementia.


“We don’t give people living with dementia a chance to really be who they can be when we are doing everything for them, making decisions for them and just assuming that we have to decide what’s best for them,” Allen Power

A white paper entitled Elevating Experience for those Living with Dementia is available from the Beryl Institute. The paper describes the work of many national dementia experts including Comfort Matters staff. It is available for download at


By 24th February, 2020 Program Updates No Comments

Schowalter Villa, a Bluestem Community, located in Hesston, Kansas has again successfully met the requirements to continue as a Comfort Matters Accredited Provider.  Through demonstration of competencies and comprehensive interviews of the caregivers during the accreditation survey they continue to exceed the program standards.  Through this accreditation process they have shown their commitment to “embed care practices … that provide the best quality of care and quality of life for persons with dementia.”

Vermilion Cliffs on Beatitudes Campus sucessfully re-accredits as a Comfort Matters Accredited Provider

By 21st February, 2020 Program Updates No Comments

The Beatitudes Campus’ advanced memory care neighborhood, Vermilion Cliffs, has again successfully achieved the Accredited Provider status with the Comfort Matters program.  They have shown that they excel in providing comfort to their residents.  The Comfort Matters program originated on the Vermilion Cliffs 22 years ago and continues to be a center of excellence and a leader in the field of dementia care across the United States.

Isabella Center, New York, NY Launches Comfort Matters in Short Term Rehab

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During the week of February 10, 2020, Isabella Geriatric Center, part of the MJHS Health System located in New York, NY, successfully launched Comfort Matters in their Short-Term Rehabilitation program.  They are the first organization in the United States to offer the Comfort Matters program to short-term rehabilitation staff and patients.  Isabella Center is located in upper Manhattan and has pioneered the care of older adults since 1875. Comfort Matters has proudly partnered with Isabella Center’s memory care neighborhoods over the past 8 years.  All three memory care neighborhoods have achieved the Comfort Matters accredited status and are designated Comfort Matters Accredited Providers. We are looking forward to working with our friends at Isabella Center as they begin this new chapter in giving comfort to their residents and staff.

La Posada at Park Centre in Green Valley, Arizona launches Comfort Matters

By 20th January, 2020 Program Updates No Comments

We are pleased to announce that the La Posada retirement community located in Green Valley, AZ successfully launched the Comfort Matters program during the week of January 13, 2020 and is Comfort Matters newest partner dedicated to giving comfort to those who are dealing with the affects of dementia.  La Posada has been providing services to the Seniors living in Southern Arizona area for over 35 years.  Their not-for-profit, award winning,  multi-faceted community serves as a national model for all others in our industry.  We are proud and honored that Comfort Matters has been selected to be apart of their mission “To Maximize the Well-Being of Seniors.”


We are pleased to welcome the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey as the most recent of our Comfort Matters partners.  The Comfort Matters program was launched on March 3rd, 2017 at Weston Assisted Living Residences.

National Aging Services Risk Management Conference in Chicago, IL

On October 6, 2016 Tena Alonzo presented a session at the 2016 National Aging Services Risk Management Conference in Chicago, IL. Titled Redefining Risk of Falling for Persons with Dementia, the session identified connections between quality of life and fall risk for persons with dementia.

Tena Alonzo spoke at the NorthShore Hospice and Palliative Care Symposium in Chicago on September 30, 2016. Her topic was Supporting Well-being for Persons with Dementia: It Begins with Comfort.

Comfort Matters personnel presented Supporting Well-Being for the Person with Dementia: It Begins with Comfort at the Pioneer Network Annual Conference in New Orleans on August 1, 2016. Presenters included Tena Alonzo, Director of Education and Research and Comfort Matters at Beatitudes Campus; Karen Mitchell, Nurse Educator, Comfort Matters; Karen Harper, Community Director and Dementia Coordinator at Isabella Geriatric Center, NYC; Deidre Downs, Corporate Director for Social Work and Supportive Care at Isabella Geriatric Center, NYC; Robert Herel, Director of Social Work at Cobble Hill Nursing Home, NYC; Lisa Long, Dementia Care Unit Manager at Cobble Hill Nursing Home, NYC; and Sharon Blake, Dementia Coordinator at The Jewish Home, NYC. Conference attendees received copies of Palliative Care for People with Dementia: Why Comfort Matters in Long-Term Care, produced by CaringKind: The Heart of Alzheimer’s Caregiving, NYC. Visit to download a copy.

Chapel Hill Community completes first week of Comfort Matters implementation

We are happy to inform that the Chapel Hill Community in Canton Ohio of the United Church Home Organization has completed the first week of implementation of the Comfort Matters program.  We congratulate them on their foresight and concern for the well being of the residents at their campus in so much that they are willing to put forth the effort to bring a program like Comfort Matters to their campus.  Welcome to the family.